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dog walking & home visits

Every dog and their owner are unique and have their own individual requirements, so prior to your first walk, I'll meet with you both for a personal consultation to assess your needs. (I can also use this opportunity to meet your other pets and discuss their needs too if required.)  Whether you’re looking for a dog walker to work around your busy schedule, a personal trainer to boost your dog's fitness and activity levels (and maybe even your own!), or someone to drop in for a home visit and attend to your other pets too, I'll do my best to create a tailored plan that works best for you and your furry friends. 


The first walk is one-to-one without other dogs and complimentary which helps me to get to know your dog a little before introducing them to other FidoFit! friends; and I encourage you to join me so that you can help me learn even more about your dog.  Once you're happy and confident with the service I offer, I'll get you registered and book your dog in for as little or often as you like.  

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Dog's are very sociable animals; which is what makes them great pals! Instinctively, they would roam in packs in the wild, so allowing them to revert to this behaviour and socialise with other dogs of different breeds, gender, and sizes is something they'll love.

Ideal for sociable, friendly and adventurous dogs!  



If your dog needs more than one walk in the day or doesn't like to be left at home for too long, then this is a perfect solution! This suits dogs who are maybe at home a little too long and need more than an hour's worth of time a day. These unique walks are approximately 2 hours in length and are all about adventure, including coastal and countryside locations!  Your dog will love it!

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These more bespoke walks are perfect for puppies that may require some 1-2-1 training; unneutered dogs; nervous dogs; dogs with behavioural issues; and exceptionally small dogs or very large dogs. Maybe your dog needs a slightly slower pace or just prefers the company of one human. These sessions allow FidoFit! to tailor sessions to your dog's requirements.



Is your dog alone for most of the day? This option, means that needn't be the case. Fido can join me for half the day and reap the benefits of at least two walks and the company of other dogs.  They'll have lots of fun, exciting adventures, plus loads of exercise, love and attention. You'll return home to a very happy, content dog!


Sociable, friendly dogs only. 



Does your dog need more exercise than most?  Would he benefit from something that focuses his mind and gets him working?  If so, let's get running! Great for energetic dogs and dogs with behavioural issues, canicross runs give your dog a great workout, improving both their physical fitness and mental fitness too, resulting in a happier, more relaxed dog.


no-one misses out!

Sometimes it's not possible to go out for walkies but that doesn't mean to say your faithful hounds have to miss out!  Home visits are perfect for puppies not yet ready to go out, older or convalescing dogs, and also your other pets too!

Includes feeding, cleaning, administering of any medication, playtime, and cuddles. 

Dog Walking Services
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Walks vary in length depending on what your requirements are but generally they're up to an hour in duration, subject to weather conditions. I aim to be as flexible as possible and adapt to suit your dog's individual needs, and I'll happily walk your dog twice a day if required. For regular clients and members, I also offer the opportunity for some dogs to join me for a whole morning or afternoon, or even the whole day, which means they benefit from lots of walks and lots of company! 

All walking and fitness activity takes place within a 10 mile radius of the historic county town of Dorchester so your faithful hound will enjoy many of the wonderful walks that Dorset has to offer including woodlands, beaches, parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty.  I pride myself on giving your dog the best fun and exercise, and do my best to ensure that no two walks are the same (unless requested otherwise) so they get plenty of variety.

Included In All Walks


  • ​Pick up/drop off service in an air-conditioned/heated vehicle secured safely in a travel crate and/or travel harness.  Please note to ensure the safety and security of your dog, my vehicle is NOT sign-written and has tinted windows

  • A first aid kit in the event of an emergency

  • Poop waste bags and treats (used as reward at discretion of FidoFit!)

  • GPS tracking so you can see exactly where your dog has been

  • Heaps of fun exercise with lots of praise and attention and encouragement of good behaviour, reinforcing basic commands

  • Plenty of fresh water both during and after walk, replacing water bowl with fresh water once home

  • A good towel dry and wash down as necessary at drop off

  • Photos/videos of your dog which are shared via social media and feedback on how the walk went

Benefits of Each Service



Pack walks are great for young dogs as they help build  confidence and teach them boundaries and how to behave.


Young dogs learn through their interaction so will learn from their older and wiser friends, which may help prevent any behavioural issues arising in the future.


A well socialised dog is a confident and happy dog that will enjoy meeting new people, places and animals.  Pack walks keep dogs mentally and physically fit.


It's intellectually stimulating and fun for your dog to have regular play dates and meet different types of dogs and people, and they tend to run around and play more when they're with other dogs, which means they'll be getting loads more exercise resulting in a more content and tired dog who'll sleep for the rest of the day.  Your dog will love you for it and be a happier, well behaved dog for you in return.​  

Dogs pick up on good behaviour from other dogs.  They'll recognise when other dogs in the group are being rewarded for good behaviour and responding to commands.  In turn your dog will quickly learn that if he does that behaviour too, he will also be rewarded. 


Ideal for puppies; unneutered dogs; nervous dogs; dogs with behavioural issues; exceptionally small dogs and very large dogs.

Dogs with huge amounts of energy can be taken on longer, more challenging walks, or even for a run, via CaniCross training or free running. 


Dogs needing to loose a few pounds and get fit, will benefit from solo walks or runs because we can tailor something suited to their fitness level and goals. 

Some dogs with behavioural or obedience issues may benefit more from solo walks because extra training can be provided within a more focused but more relaxed and less stimulating environment.


Home visits are perfect for puppies who aren't yet ready for the big, wide world. 

Older and convalescing dogs who can't cope with a walk will benefit tremendously from some extra tlc. Medicines and changing of dressings can also be provided.


With qualifications in animal care and years of experience with all creatures great and small, from horses to guinea pigs, my home visits provide ideal care solutions for your other pets too!


As an accomplished rider, I've ridden and had horses all my life, so can provide any equine care required, including exercise!  Please ask for details.

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  • Dogs must be micro-chipped and wear a collar and ID tag with name and owner's contact details

  • Dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations including kennel cough, and wormed and treated for flees and ticks, unless certified exempt from your vet

  • Dogs over six months must be spayed or neutered before joining a pack walk

  • All dogs must have good leash manners and be able to respond to basic commands

  • Dogs given any off-leash time must have excellent recall and owners must sign an 'off-the-lead' form

  • Payment is required prior to scheduled service and paid for in cash or by bank transfer

  • Cancellations less than 24 hrs or no shows will be charged full fee of walk

  • Discounts are available for additional dogs from the same household

  • Clients who book a minimum of four walks per month qualify for memberships and exclusive rewards and discounts.  Please ask for details.

  • We advise you to read the Terms & Conditions before booking a walk.

Important Information for Dog Owners
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