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Running with dog

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Congratulations!  You're about to discover the best ever way to get fit!  Exercising with your favourite four-legged friend is not only a great way to grow your bond but will keep you both physically and mentally fit, so with my help, FidoFit! brings you unique personal training programmes, designed especially for you and your dog which you both will love! 

As a qualified personal trainer and c
anicross trainer, I use my knowledge and experience to provide you and your dog with a great variety of exercise that will help you both get in great shape whilst enjoying quality time together outdoors in the fresh air! By including your dog and combining a variety of different types of workouts, you'll find exercise much more fun and will be so much more motivated.  Classes and training programmes are designed so that you can get fit together and focus on improving the physical and mental well-being of both of you.  You'll never find a better exercise buddy who gives you as much motivation as your dog and your dog will love you for it!

Whilst canicross (running with your dog) is the main focus, I also include include agility exercise, active fetch (ball games), a bit of doga (yep, you read that right!) and even some doggy paddle (swimming), particularly in the one-to-one personal training sessions.  Choose your perfect workout below!

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Canicross 1-3


These fab taster sessions will give you the perfect opportunity to give canicross a go and we'll introduce you to other ways you can get fit together!


You and your dog will be able to try on some canicross kit and get a feel for it before you commit!

Please contact me directly to arrange a suitable time.

One-to-One Personal Training

Personal Training!

Exercising with your dog has become hugely popular and  has many benefits.  Whilst I can provide one off sessions, I highly recommend a six-week course,  where you'll not only see improvements in your health and well being, but your dog's too. 


These unique one-to-one sessions are tailored perfectly to you both and incorporate exercises and activities that you will both enjoy!

Canitrek Adventure


Grab your back-pack and put on your best walking boots, we're going on an adventure!  This six-week course takes you on wonderful walking adventures throughout Dorset!


This is a great opportunity to make new friends and walk, rather than run, your way to fitness.  Great for your mental and physical health and a wonderful opportunity to socialise Fido too! 



This is a perfect introduction to canicross for kids and a great way to get them off the xbox and outdoors and active! 


They can try on our specially designed kids harness and this family friendly session means mum or dad can try it out too! 


Puts a whole new perspective on dog walking and the kids will enjoy the challenge of something new!

Couch To 5K

coming soon!

This super fun course provides you both with just the right training to motivate you to get off the couch and running 5k in just six-weeks! 


These group sessions are a fab way to get in shape whilst reaping lots of other benefits, such as socialising your dog, making new friends, and having loads of fun too!

Runningwith dog


If you're both already familiar and comfortable with canicross, why not join our regular canicross group and enjoy the company of others and all the benefits of getting fit together! 


Masses of fun for everyone, this is a great way to maintain your fitness, meet old friends and make new, all whilst enjoying the beautiful Dorset countryside!

Canitrek Adventure
Fitness Classes


  • IMPROVE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH!  Being outside and spending time with your favourite friend, has been proven to elevate your mood and give your mental health a huge boost, reducing anxiety and depression. In addition, there's an increase in mental sharpness which improves concentration and alertness.

  • IMPROVE YOUR PHYSICAL FITNESS!  You'll improve your cardio and increase the strength of your heart which will help develop your stamina and endurance, resulting in higher energy levels, a boost to the immune system and reduced blood pressure.  Not only that but you'll build and tone muscle whilst increasing and preserving bone mass which will encourage healthy bones, joints and ligaments.  The result is a longer, heathier life!

  • HELPS CONTROL YOUR WEIGHT!  Perhaps both you and your dog would benefit from loosing a few extra pounds? Maintaining a healthy weight increases your energy levels and improves biological age and quality of life!

  • IMPROVES YOUR SLEEP!  Exercise will help you both sleep better and your dog will be more restful and content during the day.

  • IMPROVES YOU DOG'S BEHAVIOUR!  Stress effects us all, including your dog! Exercise releases energy, resulting in a more relaxed dog who's less likely to vent their energy in destructive or negative ways. 

  • GREAT FOR BONDING!  This is a great opportunity to reinforce commands and teach new ones whilst having lots of fun together. As your bond grows and you both become more familiar with the routine, your dog's understanding of these commands will improve and as you both get fitter you'll both grow in confidence and build self-esteem.  

  • OPPORTUNITY TO SOCIALISE!  Whilst you're out, Fido will develop the necessary social skills he needs to interact in a positive way with other dogs, along with the mental stimulation to keep him out of trouble! And the bonus is, you can make new friends too! 

  • GREAT IF YOU'RE SHORT ON TIME!  By combining 'walking the dog' with your workout, you'll save on time! Freeing your time up this way, means you'll be more productive and less stressed.

  • IT'S FUN & MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD!  Not only do you get to spend more time doing something together, but exercise also makes you both feel good! Exercise releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body! Combined with the fact that dog's are great stress buster's anyway, this is a double whammy!

Great Health Benefits
Important Information for Canicross


  • You are advised to ensure that your dog is approved fit enough to participate by your vet. 

  • Dogs must be at least 12 months of age to participate 

  • Bitches on heat will not be permitted to participate

  • All clients participate at their own risk and take full responsibility for their dogs.

  • We advise you to read the Terms & Conditions before booking a class. 

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