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A Little Bit About Me

With a lifetime's experience of dogs, horses and everything in between, I'm never happier than when I'm out on muddy walks or riding out in the wonderful Dorset countryside. I grew up with all sorts of creatures great and small, from wonderful rottweilers to pocket-sized yorkies; grandoise hanovarians to naughty welsh mountains; and cuddly chinchillas to inquisitive gerbils! You name it, we had it, so I've been very lucky to have never known a life without wonderful pets!  They're my happy place and having spent so much time with them, they've always been intrinsically linked to my own personal fitness and mental well being; and it's for this reason I started FidoFit!


In addition to my years of experience, I hold qualifications in animal care, first aid and dog walking; and am also a qualified personal trainer and canicross trainer. For added peace of mind, I'm fully insured and DBS checked. What this means for you, is that you and your dog (and other pets if required) are in safe hands.  I'm able to provide a top-notch and very professional service that not only ensures your faithful hound is well looked after and getting his daily dose of exercise but also gives you the opportunity to join in and reap the benefits too! 


From making new friends to improving any negative behaviour, to developing an even better bond with your dog and improving your lifestyle, there are many, many benefits for you both!  And it's not just limited to you!  FidoFit! offers a unique opportunity for your other family members to get involved and the kids will love it too! 


You can find out more on the following pages or read below what our lovely friends have to say.  Alternatively, if you have any questions and just want an informal chat, then please pick up the phone, and give me a call.  

Scooby and I look forward to meeting you soon!


Welcome to FidoFit!; a unique dog walking service and fitness training experience which has been designed to address the physical needs and mental well being of both you and your dog!


From walking your dog when you're at work to canicross (cross-country running with your dog!), FidoFit! is here to help you both get active by providing personal fitness training adventures for you both!  Going for walks and getting fit has never been so much fun; and the experience you'll have will be a life-changer, not to mention a great way to spend your time!  

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Dog Walking & Home Visits


From packs walks (max 4 dogs) to solo walks, runs, training sessions and home visits, FidoFit! looks forward to welcoming your furry friends to the team! The needs of your other pets can also be catered for, so that no-one need miss out.  From cats to horses, FidoFit has the expertise to ensure that everyone is looked after!

Fitness & Adventure


Combining personal training with loads of fun activities including Canicross, active fetch, and agility, FidoFit! provides unique training programmes  tailored especially for you and your dog.  Designed to get you outdoors and having fun, whilst improving the physical and mental well-being of you both!



Canicross and Canitrek are cross-country running and power-walking with your dog.  This fun and exciting sport is a perfect way to get you both more active! Originating from Europe, it derives from mushing (dog sledging) and has many benefits whilst providing a great opportunity to make new friends! 


What People Say!

Liz, Meg's Mum 

Excellent!  Had a great canicross session this morning learning the techniques with the new kit for Meg and myself. So useful to be able to try different sizes of harness before buying. We definitely won’t be the fastest but we’ll be very comfortable on our running adventures! Lovely relaxed session and plenty of time to try out new kit & tips.

Richard, Scooby's Dad

Having known FidoFit for years, I can highly recommend her services. She has a great relationship and affinity with her clients, particularly the four legged variety! Her willingness to go above and beyond to provide the best service are second to none.

The combination of both energy and enthusiasm are contagious and her services offer something different that you and your dogs will love her for it!

Tamsin, Muttley's Mum 

FidoFit is wonderful and we completely trust her with Muttley.  He loves his walks with her and Scooby!  I completely trust her knowledge and training with regards to fitness and canicross and absolutely recommend her!

Kerry, Digby's Mum

I did the canicross taster session earlier today with FidoFit and absolutely loved it, as did Digby! FidoFit was really patient and explained everything from the kit to the commands, I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of giving Canicross a go!

Thank you FidoFit ☺️

so what are you waiting for?  Adventure awaits!

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